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All of our products are made in the USA.

We have carefully designed each product to be manufactured using the appropriate thickness of steel deemed necessary to fulfill the purpose of the product.

All of our parts are laser cut from high quality sheet steel to exacting measurements.  Parts that require shaping are sent to our forming department where they are precision bent by our technicians using state of the art press brakes.

Where it is required, threaded nuts and studs are hydraulically pressed into the parts for ease of assembly.  Our highly qualified welding department secures parts together using precision jigs and state of the art welding equipment.

Each part is thoroughly cleaned and degreased through an automated wash system and then coated with a baked on powder coating paint at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

All of our parts are packaged in custom made boxes prior to shipping to our valued customers.



Installation Instructions

Our products are all designed to be attached to a solid wood backing via screws that we provide with each product.  Wood backing should be 1 inch thick or more.  Plywood or siding made of solid wood should be ¾ inch thick or more.  Sheetrock, particle board, or press board, should never be employed as a support base for your barn accents.

To install barn accents to a solid wood backing, a pilot drill and a Phillips screw driver are required.

Some of the products require simple assembly before installation.  A Phillips screw driver and set of end wrenches up to ½ inch is all that is required.

Installation and assembly instructions are included with each product.


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